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Skidmore Group Becomes a Significant Shareholder in Refresh Financial

January 31, 2017- Coquitlam, BC - Skidmore Group, is pleased to announce that it has acquired a significant stake in Refresh Financial, making it one of the largest shareholders in the company. Refresh Financial is a Kelowna based start-up that helps underserved Canadians gain long-term access to affordable forms of credit.

“We are excited to have the Skidmore Group onboard as our strategic advisors going into 2018,” said Refresh Financial’s CEO, Michael Wendland. “Last year we made Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Companies, ranking in ninth place with a 5,483% revenue growth from 2013-2016. We are excited to continue to grow our brand and services, with the counsel of the Skidmore Group.”

Refresh Financial has also ranked back-to-back on the Startup 50 list of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies at no. 3 and no. 19, after realizing two-year revenue growths of 1,948%, and 705% respectively. This is a strong testament to the company’s focus and mission of bringing financial solutions to underrepresented Canadians. 

“After the tremendous growth that Refresh Financial has seen in the past 4 years, I am incredibly proud to announce this growth partnership with the team at Refresh, said Garry Skidmore, President of the Skidmore Group. “We will continue to grow and develop the systems and people needed to reach underserved financial services segments of Canada."

About Refresh Financial

Refresh Financial provides financial tools that help underserved Canadians gain long-term access to affordable forms of credit. Since 2013, the Secured Savings Loan, the first product of its kind in Canada, continues to enable clients to build credit and savings at the same time. With over 1,500 referral partner locations across the country and their digitally-based financial training program, Refresh f.i.t., Canadians have access to the tools to help them achieve long term financial success.

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About Skidmore Group

The Skidmore Group is a family enterprise that turns good businesses into great companies. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and creating value from collaboration, commitment, excellence and the process of innovation. In partnering with Skidmore, companies benefit from 70 years of deep operational experience and financial resources to transform results.

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