75 Years of Family Commitment

Skidmore invests in business leaders and family legacies, ready to accelerate growth and master their industry

Skidmore's 70 Years in Business

Skidmore's 75 Years in Business
Fourth Generation - Journey began


Early in 2021, Skidmore merged Refresh with Borrowell, a fintech controlled by the Demarias family (whose holdings include PowerCorp and WealthSimple). We look forward to our partnership growing Borrowell together.

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Skidmore Group is proud to announce its certification as a B Corporation, and Skidmore Group is among the first family offices to get certified.

Skidmore Group’s investments decisions consider the impact target acquisitions have on the environment, as well as rigorous standards on how employees are treated. In addition, its looking to drive the B Corporation mindset and behavior into Skidmore Group’s current portfolio of investments.
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Three generations have been working together to grow the business.

Three Generations
Third Generation - President
1994 – Present


The Skidmore Group has available investment capital, and begins the search for new partners who are ready for growth.

To reflect the shift in vision, in late 2016 TCGI is officially made a subsidiary of the new diversified holding company, Skidmore.
Timeline 2016


Glentel is acquired by one of Canada’s largest communication companies, Bell. Skidmore diversifies into retail, franchise opportunities and healthcare.

Timeline 2015


Seeking to diversify and explore new industries, TCGI sells most of their glass operations in Canada to the world’s largest glass company Belron.

Timeline 2005


Glass operations grow exponentially, and the company’s global reach increases, now employing thousands of people through brands such as Apple Auto Glass, Speedy Glass, Novus Glass, Eurostock and Autostock.

Timeline 1994 2004


Skidmore’s third generation is welcomed to the company. Current president, Allan’s son, Garry Skidmore, joins TCGI to work on business development.

Timeline 1994
Second Generation - Chairman
1967 - Present


With the success seen in North American markets, TCG sets their sights on international waters with the acquisition of Bridgewater Windscreens in the U.K; leading to the incorporation of TCGI.

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The entrepreneurial spirit of the family keeps their minds open for new opportunities beyond the automotive glass industry.

At the time, the nascent wireless communications industry looks risky, but promising. Together with Ted Rogers and Cantel, TCG creates Speedy Cellular, which rapidly expands across Canada and is successfully sold a few years later. Due to this success, the Skidmores acquire another communications company, Glentel.
Timeline 1985


With the company’s expansion to the East Coast, led by Allan Skidmore, the company is now called Trans Canada Glass Ltd.

Timeline 1972


The second generation of Skidmore leadership begins. Art’s son, Allan Skidmore, joins the company after graduating college.

Timeline 1946–1967
First Generation - Founder
1946 - 1967


Relentless hard work slowly pays off and allows the Skidmore brothers to open a few glass shops around Metro Vancouver, eventually expanding throughout BC and across Western Canada.

Timeline 1967


Right after the Second World War, brothers Art and Herb Skidmore start an automotive glass shop in New Westminster, BC.

Timeline 1946 4