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Skidmore Group Announces 100% Ownership of NOVUS Glass BC Branches and Prepares for Expansion into B2B Markets

BURNABY, BC- JULY 4, 2017- Skidmore Group announced the acquisition of the minority interest in the NOVUS Glass franchises in British Columbia (BC). NOVUS Glass is a provider of auto, residential and commercial glass solutions in BC.  The acquisition closed July 30, 2017. 

Skidmore Group’s acquisition of the NOVUS Glass BC franchises will give it the opportunity to achieve significant growth in the auto, residential and commercial glass markets. For Skidmore Group, the acquisition means that it will continue to accelerate the growth of its diversified investment portfolio. This will come from further development in the B2B market, particularly in the flat glass segment, and continued expansions throughout BC. Doing this will secure NOVUS Glass’ market position and pave the paths to becoming the leading glass provider in BC. 

Skidmore Group is ready to grow the flat glass segment of the business. With a seasoned management team and dedicated B2B roles, NOVUS Glass is primed to grow glass operations throughout BC. The new website ( will help provide information for contractors, renovation specialists and designers on the services and products that NOVUS Glass offers.

Skidmore Group President, Garry Skidmore, is “elated about the future of the NOVUS Glass franchises in BC”, and believes that “the team is prepared and ready to elevate the business and take it to a new level.” With over 70 years of success in consolidating fragmented industries and developing international brands, Skidmore believes that through market development and expansion, NOVUS Glass will become the most preferred glass provider in BC. 

About NOVUS Glass

NOVUS, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, invented windshield repair in 1972. For over 40 years, NOVUS remains the industry’s research & development pioneer. NOVUS has been awarded more U.S. Patents for windshield repair than the rest of the windshield repair industry combined. For more information, visit us at or 1-800-77-NOVUS (800-776-6887) for a NOVUS location near you. For media information, contact Matthew Cosar at

About Skidmore Group

The Skidmore team is a family enterprise that turns good businesses into great companies. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and creating value from collaboration, commitment to excellence and the process of innovation. In partnering with Skidmore, companies benefit from 70 years of deep operational experience and financial resources to transform results.

For more information visit Skidmore Group’s website: For media information, contact Matthew Cosar at