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Oasis Kitchens, a Skidmore Group venture, allows customers to design and purchase custom kitchens online

Created and curated by professional kitchen designers, the new 3D Kitchen Planner puts the customer in control to design a kitchen that fits their home, taste, and budget.

Vancouver, BC - Oasis Kitchens, a Skidmore Group venture, has been created to take the uncertainty out of the kitchen buying process. With a state-of-the-art kitchen planner, customers can create the kitchen they want, at the price they want, from the comfort of their own home. The kitchen designs are reviewed by experts before going into production at our local facility in Surrey. 

“We spoke to people who are in the market for buying a kitchen, and they explained that although the inspiration-gathering was fun, the actual buying process was stressful and time-consuming” said Rody van Vianen, Director of Digital at Oasis Kitchens. “We are trying to bring back fun and creativity by addressing the factors that may make it a stressful experience such as not knowing what the kitchen will look like, how much it will cost, being overwhelmed with options, having to buy countertops and cabinets separately, and so on”.

The Oasis Kitchens planner allows people to design and purchase their kitchen online, which avoids having to travel to physical showrooms at inconvenient hours. Door, handle, and countertop samples are being sent to people’s home, and design advice is available online. Customers do not have to worry about their lack of experience in kitchen design. The knowledge of professional kitchen designers has been transferred into the planner, with curated styles and lay-out suggestions. This simple technology allows the customer to design kitchens without having insider training. 

“With Kitchen Art Design and Citation Kitchens we have over 30 years of experience in delivering and installing custom kitchens. The kitchens are incredibly unique and custom, with personalized service from our kitchen designers“, said Rick Christiaanse, Chief Commercial Officer of the Skidmore Group. “We recognize that the designer led model does not work for everyone and wanted to give options to people that prefer to be in control and design their own kitchens. That is why we decided to invest in Oasis Kitchens”. 

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About Oasis Kitchens

Oasis Kitchens provides a new and interactive way to design and purchase your own kitchen. Headquartered in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Oasis Kitchens is committed to taking the uncertainty out of the kitchen buying process. Kitchens are produced locally from high quality materials. Oasis is a proud member of 1% for the planet. More at:

About Skidmore Group

The Skidmore Group is a family enterprise that turns good businesses into great companies. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and creating value from collaboration, commitment, excellence, and the process of innovation. In partnering with Skidmore, companies benefit from 70 years of deep operational experience and the financial resources to transform results.

With Kitchen Art Design and Citation Kitchens, the Skidmore Group has over 30 years of experience building, delivering, and installing custom kitchens.