Big picture

The purpose of our success is to lift others, fostering their potential and providing their communities with greater opportunities.

Major Partnerships

We give back. Together, our team has contributed more than $5 million dollars to charitable and nonprofit organizations, as well as local communities since 2000.

BC Children’s Hospital

Through the multi-year commitment and partnership with BC Children’s Hospital, we are trying to improve the lives of children in need. The Alex Skidmore Renal Dialysis Unit at BC Children’s Hospital provides renal care to children and adolescents living with kidney diseases.

Endowment at Simon Fraser University

We believe education is the foundation of a brighter future for all. Our Undergraduate Bursary Endowment and International Graduate Scholarship Endowment create a sustainable source of financial support for students, research and community outreach.


In a global economy, creating an equal playing field matters. Skidmore is a proud supporter of ACTS, which helps to keep children in school by building gravity flow systems to deliver clean water in the community of South Ankole, Uganda.

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